robbie mccay videography about

Since day one,
I have been
obsessed with cars.

My passion is to capture movement while showcasing the design + beauty of cars, and the power of mother nature.

My creative approach—no matter the subject—is to capture the details while contrasting it with the environment. For me, contrast isn't about differences but about how each surface, subject, and person can stand-out dependent on their environment. This is what I've done countless times with cars, and I continue to perfect my skills capturing the essence of a moment.

With videography, it's about storytelling. Seamlessly taking the viewer from one moment to the next, and keeping them interested. I work with event production teams to capture footage of events and tell their story for future outreach and marketing. Videography is in my blood and I look forward to working with you on my next production.

—Robbie McCay




Now available for 2019 bookings.

Based in Monterey, California — travel worldwide.